Monday, November 29, 2010

@ByronYork, 11/29/10 10:43 AM

Byron York (@ByronYork)
11/29/10 10:43 AM
NYT: Stolen Wikileaks docs fit to print. Stolen Climategate docs, not so much.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

FAIL: Obama’s Primetime Interview With Barbara Walters Loses to Rerun of “Blue Bloods” in The Ratings…

Weasel Zippers

Note to anyone who watched "Blue Bloods" last night: You are a racist.


Chris Matthews

(Orlando Sentinel)- Friday was not a good night for President Barack Obama in the ratings. He got a shellacking there, too, to follow the one in the midterm elections.

His conversation with Barbara Walters placed second in total viewers to a rerun of CBS' "Blue Bloods" and third in the 10 p.m. time slot in the 18-to-49 age group. On that count, Obama was behind Tom Selleck and NBC's broadcast of the fantasy film "Enchanted."

The Walters interview averaged 5.7 million viewers for ABC. The "Blue Bloods" repeat, the second of two Friday night, pulled in 7.6 million for CBS.

Here are the prime-time averages for the broadcast networks: CBS with 7.2 million, Disney-owned ABC with 4.9 million, Fox with 3.9 million for the two-hour "TV's Funniest Holiday Moments," NBC with 3.1 million and The CW with 1.5 million for reruns.

Yet there was a three-way tie in the 18-to-49 age group among CBS, ABC and Fox.

CBS offered reruns of "CSI: NY" (6.7 million) at 8 and "Blue Bloods" (7.3 million) at 9.

ABC started its night with a repeat of "Happy Feet" (4.5 million). NBC countered with "School Pride" (2.3 million) and "Enchanted" (3.5 million).

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Friday, November 26, 2010

@allahpundit, 11/26/10 2:18 PM

Allah Pundit (@allahpundit)
11/26/10 2:18 PM
"[T]he worm was designed to allow the Iranian program to continue but never succeed, and never to know why"

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

@jimgeraghty, 11/23/10 2:34 PM

jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty)
11/23/10 2:34 PM
Obama, 10/08: We can handle North Korea with "aggressive, sustained, and direct bilateral and multilateral diplomacy."

@jimgeraghty, 11/23/10 7:53 AM

jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty)
11/23/10 7:53 AM
I can't believe the president's letter to Kim Jong Il didn't work.

@memeorandum, 11/23/10 6:33 AM

memeorandum (@memeorandum)
11/23/10 6:33 AM
Zogby Interactive: Obama Falls to 39%, As Support from Democrats ... (Zogby)

The 3. A.M. Phone Call Has Come

The 3. A.M. Phone Call Has Come: "Once again, North Korea has committed an utterly unprovoked and utterly unjustifiable act of war against South Korea. They have launched a surprise artillery bombardment of a South Korean island,...


Monday, November 22, 2010

@freddoso, 11/22/10 2:58 PM

freddoso (@freddoso)
11/22/10 2:58 PM
"Medicaid's a strong program and getting stronger," says Berwick, as states consider dropping, replacing it. #hcr

@WilliamJBennett, 11/22/10 5:44 AM

Dr. Bill Bennett (@WilliamJBennett)
11/22/10 5:44 AM
Rubin "Afghans never lose a war, they just defect to the winning side"... Obama has made it impossible for Afghans to trust us #tcot

Sunday, November 21, 2010

@WSJopinion, 11/21/10 7:04 PM

Opinion Journal (@WSJopinion)
11/21/10 7:04 PM
Stephen Moore and Richard Vedder: Higher Taxes Won't Reduce the Deficit: History shows that when Congress ge...

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@WestPan, 11/21/10 2:41 PM

Tom Foreman (@WestPan)
11/21/10 2:41 PM
12 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind – Federal Employees And Members Of Congress Are Getting Rich While...

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@TexasRV, 11/21/10 2:24 PM

Gary (@TexasRV)
11/21/10 2:24 PM
U.S. Homeland Security will not be backing down from gropings, fondlings and nude filmings:

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@ConservativeGal, 11/21/10 6:04 AM

Proud Conservative, (@ConservativeGal)
11/21/10 6:04 AM
michelle obama proving her husband a liar. #tcot

Friday, November 19, 2010

@TexasRV, 11/19/10 7:37 PM

Gary (@TexasRV)
11/19/10 7:37 PM
TSA workers are no different than bill collectors or IRS agents, power hungry little people who force others to do things and love doing it.

@laborunionrpt, 11/19/10 7:05 AM

LaborUnionReport (@laborunionrpt)
11/19/10 7:05 AM
Obama 'toxic': Senate Dems vent anger with Obama: #tcot #tlot #teaparty #ocra

@CO2HOG, 11/19/10 5:23 AM

Vince Humphreys (@CO2HOG)
11/19/10 5:23 AM
Ari Fleischer: Democrats May Primary Obama

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

@michellemalkin, 11/17/10 8:39 AM

Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin)
11/17/10 8:39 AM
Obamacare waiver-mania: REPEAL is the ultimate waiver. If it's good for SEIU, it's good for ALL

Monday, November 15, 2010

@allahpundit, 11/15/10 1:32 PM

Allah Pundit (@allahpundit)
11/15/10 1:32 PM
Paul Ryan: I've had one brief conversation with Pelosi in six years

@MarkSimoneNY, 11/15/10 12:52 PM

Mark Simone (@MarkSimoneNY)
11/15/10 12:52 PM
Dems screamed that the Patriot Act was too invasive. Now airport screeners photograph u nude & pat your genitals - not a peep from Dems.

@EconBizFin, 11/15/10 12:45 PM

The Economist (@EconBizFin)
11/15/10 12:45 PM
The colossal cost of governments' fuel subsidies worldwide

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Waivering Obamacare & White House Ignorance Of Main Street America

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Health Care Reform Group Gets Waiver from… Health Care Reform?

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What do these companies/unions have in common?

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Want To Start Your Own Business? Guess What? You`ve Got A Few Forms to Fill Out.

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Article: Congressman Charles Rangel Breaches Congressional Ethics to Fight Breach of Congressional Ethics?

Congressman Charles Rangel Breaches Congressional Ethics to Fight Breach of Congressional Ethics?

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Article: Disaster… It Takes Obama Just 2 Years to Reach Bush’s 5 Year Gallup Low

Disaster… It Takes Obama Just 2 Years to Reach Bush's 5 Year Gallup Low

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Article: NJ School Superintendent Bitches about Making $175,000 a year, Gov. Christie says “Let Me Help You Pack”

NJ School Superintendent Bitches about Making $175,000 a year, Gov. Christie says "Let Me Help You Pack"

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Article: Chris Christie Coins What Would Be the Perfect Campaign Slogan

Chris Christie Coins What Would Be the Perfect Campaign Slogan

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Obama is a free-trade disaster - By Phil Levy | Shadow Government

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clyburn to Become Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

The Corner on National Review Online

Well, the Democrats have solved their leadership crisis the way they solve most of their problems -- refuse to make the tough choice, and create yet a taxpayer-funded program to cover your mess:

House Democrats have reached a deal to keep both Reps. Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn in the leadership, with Hoyer (D-Md.) serving as minority whip and Clyburn (D-S.C) taking a new, as-yet-still-undefined number three position.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.) who is seeking the minority leader's job in the next Congress, reached an agreement with Clyburn on late Friday night, and Democratic leaders quickly announced the deal.

Clyburn's title and responsibilities were not specified in the announcement from Pelosi's office, and Democratic leadership aides scrambled to explain the deal to reporters.

Clyburn said he sought a spot in large part out of a desire for "maintaining a diversity in leadership." Presumably, Clyburn's new TBD position will come with new office space and staffing funds. Way to take the temperature of the American people, Minority Leader Pelosi!

More here.

Daniel Foster
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Expert: past 10 days have been worst of President Obama's 'political life' (Kenneth R. Bazinet/NY Daily News)

memeorandum Firehose

Kenneth R. Bazinet / NY Daily News:
Expert: past 10 days have been worst of President Obama's 'political life'  —  WASHINGTON - President Obama is coming home from his overseas trip pretty much empty-handed.  —  After watching his party take a beating in the midterm elections, Obama wasn't able to secure even a symbolic victory …

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Should Obama Not Seek Re-Election?

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell argue in the Washington Post that President Obama "has largely lost the consent of the governed" and "should announce immediately that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2012."

"If the president goes down the reelection road, we are guaranteed two years of political gridlock at a time when we can ill afford it. But by explicitly saying he will be a one-term president, Obama can deliver on his central campaign promise of 2008, draining the poison from our culture of polarization and ending the resentment and division that have eroded our national identity and common purpose."
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Cartoon of the day

Cartoon of the day

Shared via Pulse, an awesome news reader for iPad, iPhone and Android. Check it out!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

@BreitbartBigGov, 11/12/10 6:54 AM

Big Government (@BreitbartBigGov)
11/12/10 6:54 AM
Obama's Fiscal Commission Unveils Real Tax Increases and Fake Spending Cuts: I have many pet... #tcot #tlot #BigGov

@filterednews, 11/12/10 6:40 AM

Filtered News (@filterednews)
11/12/10 6:40 AM
American Thinker: The House Should Curb Obama's Extravagant Lifestyle

The Early Evidence Is In: QE Does More Harm Than Good

The Early Evidence Is In: QE Does More Harm Than Good: "

What exactly has QE “lite” and the expectations of QE2 done for markets and the economy so far? Two months following the initial rumors of of QE2 and well into QE “lite” we can make some early conclusions:

1) Equity markets have rallied, but this is of little significance. There is no evidence supporting an equity market “wealth effect” according to Robert Shiller (see here) and James Bianco (see here). Bianco’s research actually finds that the corresponding commodity price increases are more likely to be a net negative for consumers. And even if there is a “wealth effect” it only helps the rich because the middle class are only minority holders of equities on the whole. Of course, this isn’t a crisis of the wealthy so this looks like another case of failing trickle down economics at best. It’s also worth nothing that stock prices are nominal wealth so intentionally distorting prices from fundamentals is no recipe for sustained wealth. Keeping equity prices “higher than they otherwise would be” only diminishes the Fed’s credibility while also creating distortions in markets.

2) The 10 year bond yield is HIGHER since the Jackson Hole speech. The 30 year bond yield is up 50 bps since the Jackson Hole speech. Therefore, there is unlikely to be a sustained refinancing effect and no increased demand to take on more debt (not that this would work in a balance sheet recession anyhow, but Mr. Bernanke fails to acknowledge that this is a demand side problem). 74% of all consumer debt is mortgage based so it’s baffling that they are targeting the short end of the yield curve. Bernanke wants to stimulate borrowing, but his actions aren’t backing up his talk. He is focusing his efforts on the short end of the curve where rates are already very low – astoundingly confusing and misguided policy.

3) Many commodities have rallied in recent weeks which will do nothing but put pressure on input costs and ultimately make life more difficult for the US consumer (assuming these costs even get passed along, which is unlikely due to weak end demand). The consumer will either be hit with higher costs which they can’t afford to sustain or US corporations will continue to be hesitant to hire the millions that need jobs because they are too busy protecting their margins. On the one hand, this one of the few certainties we have regarding QE – it hurts corporate margins by causing a speculative ramp up in commodity prices.


4) QE IS NOT MONEY PRINTING so there is no reason to believe that it will cause anything more than expectations of future inflation. When the Fed implements a policy of QE they are merely purchasing an asset that already existed and swapping it with a deposit. There is some debate over the price changes before these transactions take place and whether the Fed is buying at higher prices, but this is offset by the fact that the Fed is removing a high yielding asset for a lower yielding asset. In this case, they are removing 1.2% paper (on average) in exchange for reserves that will earn just 0.25%. Remember, in QE1 the Fed removed over ~$47.5B in interest income from the private sector. So if anything, this has a marginal deflationary impact.

5) Borrowing didn’t pick-up after QE1 and there’s certainly no signs of a borrowing boom in recent data. Of course, with real estate in the midst of a double dip there’s unlikely to be a surge in borrowing in the coming quarters anyhow. As Robert Shiller detailed, the “wealth effect” of a housing boom can be quite substantial. With home prices now declining again we’re actually seeing the opposite of a “wealth effect”. In other words, the majority of Americans don’t feel better because Wall Street rallies each and every day. They feel worse because the asset they come home to every night, the asset that accounts for the majority of their net worth, has declined in value.


So just what exactly does QE do for the economy? Even the people who are advocates of it don’t seem to know and certainly can’t back up their claims with any positive evidence. Meanwhile the media and its misguided punditry are falling all over eachother to spread falsehoods and inaccuracies regarding this policy as they shower Ben Bernanke with praise for trying something. I am not sure why Mr. Bernanke is worthy of any praise. He did not foresee this crisis. He responded too late when it was clear that a crisis was on our doorstep. And when he finally did respond he saved the banking system and left the American public out to dry. Thus far the evidence surrounding his latest tool looks poor at best and it in fact appears as though it could be causing more harm than good.

As for the markets there has been some interesting action in recent weeks. It looks like the smart money markets (FX and fixed income) have slowly started coming around to the fact that QE won’t cause a dollar crash (because there is no interest rate effect and no “printed money”). Meanwhile, risk markets (equities and commodities) are on fire as “buy the dip” and “don’t fight the Fed” become the motto on every trading desk. The divergence here won’t last and given the early evidence it looks to me like a whole lot of investors are deep into the risk trade without the fundamentals to back it up. They’ve placed a bet on a Fed Chief who has failed at nearly every step of his tenure. A great deal of leveraged optimism has been priced into the market based on this “non-event“. I do not know if I have ever seen the market rally so much around an event that involved more misguided and inaccurate analysis.

Mr. Bernanke has created dangerous distortions in many markets over a policy that appears to have no real economic impact. He is playing games with the markets in an effort to give the appearance that he has not run out of policy tools. This not only calls into question the independence of the Federal Reserve, but has to very seriously make one wonder whether Mr. Bernanke is fit to run the world’s most important Central Bank? I have long maintained that he was never fit for this position and in my opinion the early evidence of QE only further confirms that belief.


This post previously appeared at PragCap >

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The Obama Fabulists - Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online

The Obama Fabulists - Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online

Thursday, November 11, 2010

@kausmickey, 11/11/10 4:58 PM

Mickey Kaus (@kausmickey)
11/11/10 4:58 PM
Wa Post writers must avoid appearance of bias except when going to bat for their readers--well-paid federal workers.

@jtLOL, 11/11/10 4:57 PM

'Jim' 'Treacher' (@jtLOL)
11/11/10 4:57 PM
Dr. Drew on Obamacare: "You will see a massive flight of physicians from the field"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad news from Jesse Jackson: Repealing ObamaCare would mean “creeping genocide”


Via Greg Hengler, a sneak preview of the smart, sober rhetoric we can expect from the Party Of Ideas after the new GOP House is seated. What this means, I take it, is that "creeping genocide" has not only been going on in America for a few hundred years thanks to the absence of universal [...]

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President Obama Lied, Jobs Died, He Doesn’t Care: The Continuing Drilling Moratorium Through Permit

Hyperbolic headline? I think not. Consider how the Obama administration manipulated scientific findings (remember the promise to be scientific?). This from Politico:

"The White House edit of the original DOI draft executive summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer-reviewed by the experts," the IG report states, without judgment on whether the change was an intentional attempt to mislead the public.

The six-month ban on offshore drilling installed in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill became a major political issue over the summer, as Gulf State lawmakers and industry groups charged the White House with unfairly threatening thousands of jobs. House Republicans have said they plan on investigating the circumstances surrounding the moratorium when they take power next year.

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and several other Gulf State members of Congress asked the Interior IG to investigate the moratorium and the peer review claim.

"The inspector general's finding that the blanket-drilling moratorium was driven by politics and not by science is bitter news for families who, because of it, lost their jobs, savings, and way of life," Cassidy said Tuesday. "Candidate Obama promised that he would guided by science, not ideology. If that were true, at least 12,000 jobs and 1.8 billion dollars of economic activity would have been saved on the Gulf Coast."

And as bad as that is, the government underestimated job losses from the moratorium. An analysis Dr. Joseph Mason reveals this:

Using the figures from a report, Dr. Mason re-ran his analysis using the government's own economic modeling and reveals the White House underestimated total jobs loss by 7,500 to 11,500 jobs in the Gulf states. In fact, based on the administration's data, Mason finds that that the region stands to lose:

·         19,536 jobs;

·         $5 billion in economic output;

·         $1.1 billion in earnings; and

·         $239 million in state and local tax revenues during the 6-month moratorium.

Clearly, the administration's study represents another failed attempt to justify new anti-energy policies that will threaten the health of the U.S. economy and could undermine our economic recovery.  View Dr. Mason's full analysis here.

Not only is this unscientific discrimination against an industry hated by this administration, it seems that this abuse is politically motivated–going after heavily Republican states and then harming the job outlook in states that have actually been showing growth.

This news is an abomination.

And worse, the regulations by the EPA have been foot-draggingly awful. So the moratorium lifted before the election for politically expedient reasons, but for all practical purposes, the EPA is still harassing the industry through the coagulated permitting process.

Solution? Defund the EPA. Two can play at this game. Republicans can just pull the money rug out from the EPA and investigate them non-stop. This is something all jobs-focused Americans should be happy about.

Nearly 20,000 jobs lost in the gulf and it's President Obama's fault.

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@YouTube, 11/10/10 8:00 AM

YouTube (@YouTube)
11/10/10 8:00 AM
Here's what the entire 2010 NYC Marathon looks like in 1 minute and 41 seconds: