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James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis)
10/27/11 1:52 PM
What's driving Dems nuts today? This >>> For the left, income inequality is the new global warming

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Dan Collins (@vermontaigne)
10/27/11 1:25 PM
Energy Jobs Can Jump-Start the Economy: The Story of Marcellus Shale: The Marcellus Coalition has a new video th...

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Works and Days » Rage On—and on and on…

Works and Days

Occupy Wall Street?

I've been following the Wall Street protests, in New York and elsewhere. I read as well of the Democratic Party's sorta interest in turning the anger of a few into a left-wing Tea-Party-like movement of many.

Against that background, I've also been counting up Barack Obama's excuses (ATM machines are to blame and so are the tsunami, the EU, George W. Bush, the nine-month-old Republican House, the Arab Spring, the D.C. earthquake, and rising oil prices). He's also growing his target list of various insults (everyone and everything from Clarence Thomas, Nancy Reagan, and the Special Olympics to fat-cat bankers, corporate jet-owners, millionaires and billionaires, and "the teabag, anti-government people").

Out of all that chaos, I think there are two constants that explain the Obama frustration and the current outpouring of invective at Wall Street, "them," the affluent, and our capitalist system in general.

So Sorry — It Doesn't Work

On a wider political level, there is a growing realization that today's brand of liberalism is really a form of slow societal suicide. We see red states recovering from recession; blue states are still broke. Greece is a mess; so is the entire anti-democratic, statist, and redistributive EU. Keynesian economics is about as dead as global warming/climate change/climate chaos in the age of Climategate, Al Gore, Inc., and a planet cooling over the last decade.

The old idea of open borders is also over. The notion is discredited that teaching new arrivals multiculturalism and ethnic chauvinism, providing them massive subsidies, and ignoring federal statutes was both more humane and more efficacious than the old melting pot of our youth. Solyndra was the epitaph of the lie of "millions of green jobs." Obama will never utter that now bankrupt phrase again. "Green" means millions of dollars in printed federal money for each job produced, but even far more millions to crony capitalists who hid their malfeasance with hope and change sloganeering.

The Fa├žade Peels Away

Independents are starting to see the end of the latest liberal experiment. Society simply cannot continue paying a half-trillion-dollars to import gas and oil, and hundreds of billions to subsidize inefficient wind and solar, even as known U.S. coal, gas, oil, shale, and tar sands reserves soar — but remain vastly underutilized. The administration's Energy Department (e.g., gas should reach European levels, people cannot be trusted to buy the right light bulbs, California farms will blow away) is now simply the sibling of the EPA.

Raging Against the Machine

Soon even some mainstream Democrats will grasp the lie. Obamism not only does not work; its fiscal, energy, cultural, and foreign policies result in Greek-like stasis and chaos. It hinges on scapegoating those who say it does not work. Its current anger is sort of like the furor directed at those who were either trying to change or depart from the ossified medieval Church, when altruistic doctrine hides penances, exemptions, and vast estates. Stop the Smears begat JournoList which begat

Again, all of the above is why Obama's target and excuse lists grow and the old calls for civility and unity fade. How can a Democratic president, with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate for two years, keep faulting the present mess on either an ex-president who left almost three years ago, or a Republican-controlled House of some nine months tenure?

Junior Has Been Had?

But on a personal level, these more cosmic issues are coming home as well. Many of the current group of protestors down at Wall Street — remember the summer's earlier flash mobbing here and the hoodies in the UK — are unknowingly raging against just this "system" where some have more than they do and will always have more, given the current frozen economy. About 2010, the music stopped and those without chairs were out of luck.

Many are furious that they have or soon will have very expensive degrees, bought at the price of either exorbitant loans or near insolvent parents who paid the $100,000-200,000 for today's BAs. The students cannot rage against the modern corrupt, but ideologically sacrosanct, university. There, diversity czars outnumber French professors. Academic success is calibrated by avoiding introductory undergraduate classes — and all for the "student."

The Old Way

After all, in the old days, faculty taught 6-8 (and more) classes a year. Administrators taught too and were relatively small in number (unlike the 1-1 ratio at the CSU system, the world's largest university). The curriculum was designed to instill inductive thinking. It prepared the student to write well, think, and have a corpus of dates, events, people, and places at his fingertips for reference and elucidation.

In the Belly of the Beast — And?

Politicking was rare even in the 1970s. Well over thirty years ago, I took some 30 courses in Greek and Latin language and literature at UC Santa Cruz, and another 12 PhD seminars at Stanford — all from whom in retrospect I would imagine were mostly hard left. But who knew? Not once in eight years of undergraduate or graduate education did a liberal professor go off topic to rant or, indeed, to mix politics with history or literature or language. There were no points given for politically correct answers. No sermonizing poured forth from the rostrum. There was also simply no time to do so, given the enormity of the assignments. Reading five pages of Thucydides in Greek for each class or understanding the structure of ancient Athenian democracy left no time to blast an aspiring Ronald Reagan. I am sure indoctrination started in the early 1960s, but even in the 1970s it had not completely taken hold.

Relatively Cheap, Really Good

In other words, for much of the 20th century, college was not that exorbitantly expensive (my hardscrabble grandfather farmer sent all three of his daughters to college, two to Stanford, on the meager profits from 100 acres of raisins in the midst of the Depression). Students emerged literate and mostly disinterested and inductive. The most impressive degrees, of course, were not history or English (much less environmental studies). Instead the palm went to engineering, physics, mathematics, and biology. These were the hard sciences and skills that few of us could master. Social sciences were relatively small enclaves. And while science majors got As in their gut GE anthropology, sociology, and psychology courses, the opposite was not true: the latter majors panicked when forced to take a basic physics or physiology class to graduate.

I note in passing that not only were there no black, Latino, gender, green, film, gay, peace, or leisure studies courses, programs, and empires, but also a general impression that no one would wish to pay for such classes that imparted little real knowledge about the inductive method or the necessary referents of literature, history, and science. So many of these classes were therapeutic. Some were downright accusatory: go back through history and as melodrama point out the bad and good guys (based on present-day liberal standards), or study how modern capitalism should be replaced by a more humane model — in environmental, financial, religious, racial, class, and gender terms.

So here is where the last thirty years all led: to too many students who are indebted, poorly educated, and without skills like high-tech engineering, sophisticated medicine, or computer design that the country needs. They are consumed with contemporary furor as the education bubble of nearly a trillion dollars in debt is about to burst. They are mad at the system that they were taught oppresses them, but also at themselves. Who would not be after spending so much money for something of so little value? Nothing is more embarrassing to watch than arrogance coupled with ignorance — and spiced with occasional glibness and the slow realization that they've been had.

Beyond Reproach

It is taboo for the Obama technocracy to consider exploiting the vast natural riches of America. And how can one admit that printing money destroys prosperity? Who can confess that expectations of government subsidy ruin personal initiative? So how, then, can students question the utility of their educations? They don't dare object to the university's manner of operations, or how their loans underwrote the need for a six-figured assistant provost of internal development or associate vice president for diversity awareness — or a vast number of new hip professors who just thirty or forty years ago would not be seen as professors at all.

I think in over twenty years of teaching I received about 5,000 memos warning me about insidious practices of sexism, racism, classism, or other sorts of oppression, what the chair, dean, provost, president was doing about it (usually setting up a watchdog faculty committee) — and not a single one wondering how we could bring rigor to the curriculum and real learning to the students.

The End of the Dream

In sum, there is panic. Obamacare, near-zero interest rates, more environmental and fiscal regulations, government takeovers, bailouts, and stimulus, nearly $5 trillion in debt, $1.6 trillion in annual deficits, vast increases in food stamps and unemployment insurance, and hectoring the private sector — all that and more did not restore prosperity. More likely we ruined a natural recovery — if 9.1% unemployment, anemic GDP growth, ruinous debt, precipitous declines in the standard of living, and the return of the old record misery index are any indication. All Obama in 2012 is left with is the old trifecta of "Bush did it," "they" will cut your Social Security, and a subtle racism fuels all opposition.

There is a deer-in-the-headlights paralysis in all those who believed that you could get a government subsidized $100,000 loan, receive easy As in environmental studies or sociology, buy a prestigious BA certificate, and then enter the lucrative world of the government bureaucracy — teaching, administering, suing, and regulating.

Not Enough Smelts or Pipelines to Go Around

But it did not work that way (there is not room enough for all of us to champion the delta smelt, find insidious racism in the Detroit schools, shut down an oil pipeline, or sue Arizona). Instead, we are left with an energy-poor country sitting on energy riches, a moribund economy with millions in the private sector piling up cash rather than investing or hiring, and cohorts of young, flat-broke, indebted, and politically prepped but poorly schooled students wondering where is the good life and why a Wall Street fixer, or computer nerd, or company man civil engineer makes so much more than they, the anointed, do.

So they rage on — and on and on…

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Works and Days » Rage On—and on and on…

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

World power swings back to America - Telegraph

Found this interesting link on the Drudge Report:

World power swings back to America - Telegraph

Get iDrudgeReport on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad free at the iTunes Store:

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@PolitixGal, 10/23/11 5:07 PM

PolitixGal (@PolitixGal)
10/23/11 5:07 PM
What do the top ten cities (over 250k) with the highest poverty rate all have in common? Democratic Mayors. #tcot

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The Virginian: Obama is to jobs what Gore is to weather.

The Virginian

This blog is about what interests me. Since I am intensely interested in current events as well as being a student of history, I get my news from a vast number of sources. The Internet has freed people throughout the world from one-way sources of information. The consumer of information is no longer limited to being the passive recipient of that information deemed important or newsworthy by the gatekeepers of the mainstream media (MSM). Thanks to the Internet, news and information is now an interactive process. Nowhere is this more graphically illustrated than the exposure – within hours – of the Killian Memo forgeries by bloggers, followed days later by the reluctant dragons of the MSM. This site is dedicated to a fierce defense of the truth, freedom and honor.

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Barry's Stimulus

Friday, October 21, 2011

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Pj (@pepper_10)
10/21/11 5:36 PM
The Austrian Business Cycle Theory Explained - YouTube -

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Today's Questions for the President

October 21, 2011 10:24 AM

In a December, 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, you graded your own job performance as "a good, solid B+." You added that "if I get health care passed, we tip into A-." Obamacare has since passed.

  • The '"misery index" today is at its highest level in 28 years.
  • The unemployment rate has been above 9 percent for 27 of the last 29 months.
  • Long-term unemployment is at its highest level in more than 70 years.
  • The national debt is $14.8 trillion — nearly $5 trillion more than four years ago.
  • The federal deficit is $1.3 trillion — more than eight times higher than four years ago.
  • Federal spending is $3.57 trillion — nearly $1 trillion more than four years ago.
  • The United States' credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history.
  • You spent $814 billion on a stimulus program so unemployment wouldn't rise above 8 percent and would drop to 6.5 percent by today. Since then, unemployment has never droppedbelow 8 percent and is 9.1 percent today.
  • A record 45 million Americans (nearly one in seven) use the food-stamp program — 20 million more than four years ago.
  • A record 3.8 million foreclosures were filed last year.
  • Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

In an interview with Jake Tapper a few days ago, you didn't give yourself a specific grade but stated that you "believe all the choices we've made have been the right ones." Is it correct to assume, then, that you were actually shooting for the above results?

What might the above figures be if you had made just one wrong choice? What would the above figures have to be in order for you to give yourself a "D" ?

How long was the wait list for your constitutional-law class?

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Local Residents Hate Wall St. Occupiers | Power Line


The New York Post reports on a "chaotic" Community Board meeting in which residents who are unfortunate enough to live in the vicinity of Zuccotti Park unloaded on the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters:

"They are defecating on our doorsteps," fumed Katherine Hughes, a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. "A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids."

Fed up homeowners said that they've been subjected to insults and harassment as they trek to their jobs each morning. "The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work," said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the park.

Board member Paul Cantor said that residents are fed up with the incessant racket that emanates from the protest at all hours. "It's mostly a noise issue," he said. If people can't sleep and children can't sleep because the protesters are banging drums then that's a problem." …

The line to speak at the standing room only meeting spilled out of the board's office and onto the street outside where Zuccotti sympathizers sparred with angry residents. One elderly woman told a protester to stop screaming and was met with an even hgiher volume. "Get some earplugs!," retorted David Stano.

The Democrats are crazy to align themselves with people–bums, essentially–who will annoy if not enrage the vast majority of voters. That Democrats are willing to take a chance on being the "Occupy Wall Street" party is the clearest possible evidence of how desperate they are, and how much they fear next year's elections.

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Report: Occupy Oakland Devolves into “Lord of the Flies” | Verum Serum

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

@foundersweb, 10/16/11 6:13 PM

Foundersweb (@foundersweb)
10/16/11 6:13 PM
Obama offers more support for Occupy Wall Street protesters. So do Nazi, Communist Parties. #tcot

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@preciousliberty, 10/16/11 5:00 PM

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@PatDollard, 10/16/11 4:54 PM

Patrick Dollard (@PatDollard)
10/16/11 4:54 PM
Video - "We Are Marching Side By Side": Communist Party Leader Gets Huge Ovation At #OccupyChicago Rally

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Unfortunately all-too-real photos: #OWS protesters defecate on, stomp on American flag

Doug Ross @ Journal
Among the formal supporters of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement are the Democrat Congressional Committee, Communist Party USA, the American Nazi Party, George Soros, ACORN, the SEIU, and the Obama White House.

And this is "the movement" in action:

Yes, this is an OWS supporter defecating on the American flag.

Lest you think this is an aberration, please consider this:

This movement is fully supported by the Democrat Party, which has been completely and utterly subsumed by the radical left.

Remember in 2012.

Hat tip: JTT.

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CHANGE CRONYISM YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: Even for the Obama administration, today’s news dump ($1.3 …



Even for the Obama administration, today's news dump ($1.3 trillion deficit, the demise of the CLASS Act, and war in Uganda) is something to behold. On top of everything, the White House has released its list of major campaign bundlers for the third quarter of the year.

One name in particular warrants a mention.

Steve Spinner, who served as a Obama fundraiser in 2008, was also an adviser for the Department of Energy loans program responsible for the Solyndra debacle. As it turns out, he was also married to a partner at the law firm representing Solyndra during its loan application.

But despite signing an ethics agreement in which he pledged not to involve himself in any negotiations regarding the Solyndra loan, a series of e-mails reveal that Spinner was rather intimately involved in the negotiations and was advocating on behalf of the company.

Remember when the Dems were all about how they were going to change the "culture of corruption?" Well, they did change it. They made it worse.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michelle offends the British

Don Surber
I was going to title this "Today In Smart Diplomacy." Once again, Michelle Obama is vacationing on the public's dime (the Obamas are worth over $10 million), this time in Cape Town, South Africa, with her daughters — or as the official manifest described them, senior advisers. (Her husband stayed home to declare another war [...]
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The scapegoat strategy - The Washington Post

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The “New Face” of Occupy Wall Street

Say Anything

This guy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See the Nike "swoosh" on his shoes? Gives a whole new meaning to "Just do it".

Saw another breathless comparison of Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party movement in my Dead Tree Paper today. Looks like this fellow is having a different kind of movement!

Anyone trying to honestly compare, in a favorable light, jerkoffs like this one to the gatherings of people who respect the Constitution and want to see government return to its precepts, must be smoking something from all those "medicinal" shops that keep popping up, that the feds keep wanting to close.

BTW, I wonder why this guy didn't wait for the patrolman who drove this car to be there to admire his work?

Cross posted at Proof Positive

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Evil Corporations Get Unwitting Support at Wall Street Protests

Michelle Malkin

**Written by Doug Powers

We've covered the personal connections to Wall Street of some of the celebrities who are supporting the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters.

Now there's a picture going around that helps establish a personal Wall Street/corporate connection to the protesters themselves (Doug Ross has a full size pic here):


As for political leaders, President Obama has claimed the protesters represent "broad based frustration" with the financial system. Nancy Pelosi said "God bless them" and that no longer will the "recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street."

In 2008, Obama raked in millions upon millions in campaign cash from Wall Street, and Nancy Pelosi's husband made his bones as an investment banker.

History won't record this as the largest protest ever, but it might take the prize for the most ironic.

Update: Nancy Pelosi is finally speaking out about this madness:

"I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late 70s in San Francisco, this king of rhetoric. … It created a climate in which violence took place. … I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not a balanced as the person making the statements may assume."

Wait, nevermind — that was in reference to the Tea Parties in 2009.

Meanwhile, Pelosi managed to pin some of the blame for the ongoing Wall Street protests on… you guessed it: George W. Bush.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

@VotingAmerican, 10/5/11 6:36 AM

Samiam60 (@VotingAmerican)
10/5/11 6:36 AM
Michelle Obama Listed Daughters Malia and Sasha as "Senior Staffers" for $432,142 Family Vacation to Africa ?: via@word

@NROcorner, 10/5/11 6:35 AM

National Review (@NROcorner)
10/5/11 6:35 AM
Durbin: We Don't Have the Dem Votes: Has anybody in the press asked the president why he keeps yelling at the GO...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

@slone, 10/2/11 4:50 PM

slone (@slone)
10/2/11 4:50 PM
Tax Demagogues Are Lying Liars, in One Graph #tcot #tlot

Who’s Behind The ‘Occupy Everywhere’ Faux-tests?

Big Government

With the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests starting the catch on in the media after the arrests at the Brooklyn Bridge and protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Occupy Whatever meme is coming to a city near you. Occupy Dallas! is coming to my town October 6th and I'll head down there to interview  people because that's what I do. While I was looking up info about the event, I came across a Facebook page that really sums up what is really going on here.

This isn't a protest against the government.

Not really. The is the guise that it's under. It's using the iconography of protest to actually SUPPORT the government status quo – specifically public employees. See, they can't get a lot of support if they come out and say "Protest to keep out cushy pensions!" because who is going to show up for THAT, right?

Look who is holding the event on civil disobedience.. it's the North Texas Association of Public Employees – -a group connected to the Steelworkers.

Public Employees are going to be showing people how to protest effectively against other public employees, like the police? This is a puppet show Play a little Rage Against The Machine for a soundtrack and the kids won't notice that they are actually protesting to support the government bureaucrats.

Viva La Status Quo!

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Just a reminder: Obama’s jobs bill still has no cosponsors « Hot Air

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