Thursday, September 30, 2010

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adamsbaldwin: Repeat: the real world, real minimum wage is, always has been, and always will be $0.00. All others are arbitrary, class warfare constructs.
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weeklystandard: DSCC Cancels Ad Buy in Kentucky, Pours Cash into Connecticut:
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TaxProf Blog: IRS Files $500k Tax Lien Against Al Sharpton

@BudgetHawks, 9/30/10 7:57 AM (@BudgetHawks)
9/30/10 7:57 AM
Ryan: Let's get ahead of the debt crisis. Let's move forward w a plan for prosperity, higher living standards, reliable social safety net.

@NROcorner, 9/30/10 12:42 PM

National Review (@NROcorner)
9/30/10 12:42 PM
McDonald's and Obamacare:
You never want a good crisis to go to waste, so I have to use the opportunity provided...

@Drudge_Report, 9/30/10 12:06 PM

Drudge Report (@Drudge_Report)
9/30/10 12:06 PM
Barney Frank blames 'right-wing media' for tightening race...

@PragCapitalist, 9/30/10 11:40 AM

Pragmatic Capitalist (@PragCapitalist)
9/30/10 11:40 AM
STRATEGIC DEFAULTS THREATEN ALL MAJOR US HOUSING MARKETS: In my last article, we examined the shadow inventory to ...

@EddyElfenbein, 9/30/10 8:57 AM

Eddy Elfenbein (@EddyElfenbein)
9/30/10 8:57 AM
The Dow has been up for the year after nine months 68 times. Of those, it continues to rally in Q4 71% of the time. $$

@PatrickRuffini, 9/30/10 8:16 AM

Patrick Ruffini (@PatrickRuffini)
9/30/10 8:16 AM
Cato grades the nation's governors on their fiscal records. @TimPawlenty gets an A, one of just four.

@Heritage, 9/30/10 8:14 AM

Heritage Foundation (@Heritage)
9/30/10 8:14 AM
Now, the fight against the Obama #tax hikes is bipartisan. Yet Congress is headed home.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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WSJWashington: Tensions Over Taxes Rise
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@NRO, 9/29/10 11:52 AM

National Review (@NRO)
9/29/10 11:52 AM
Over 39 Democratic objections, Pelosi and Co. vote to pack up the car and go home until November.

Obama's Planned Tax Hikes

@philadelphiafed, 9/29/10 10:50 AM

Philadelphia Fed (@philadelphiafed)
9/29/10 10:50 AM
Plosser: Asset purchases in our current economic environment can do little to speed up the return to full employment.

Power Line - What Christopher Coates said

@ByronYork, 9/29/10 7:42 AM

Byron York (@ByronYork)
9/29/10 7:42 AM
Who's more unpopular, Nancy Pelosi or BP? In new WSJ/NBC poll, they're tied -- all-time high negatives for Pelosi.

@WilliamJBennett, 9/29/10 7:11 AM

Dr. Bill Bennett (@WilliamJBennett)
9/29/10 7:11 AM
Scotty from Bluefield, VA, "I've watched my family's premium go up nearly twice in the last two weeks" #tcot #tp #CostofObamacare

@Doc_0, 9/29/10 7:07 AM

Doctor Zero (@Doc_0)
9/29/10 7:07 AM The red-wave political realignment might come with an unprecedented media realignment. The MSM really is dying.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Iran Nuke Plant Under Cyber Attack — U.S. Silent
The Pentagon refuses to comment on whether the U.S. used the Stuxnet Worm to invade Iran's nuclear facilities amid widespread accusations that the West coordinated the cyber attack. | VIDEO
  • Worm Attacks Iran's Nuclear Power Plant
  • Analyst: Worm Linked to the Wealthy
  • Ahmadinejad Meets With Farrakhan?
  • Kurds Deny Iran Invaded Iraq

  • Obama Says Private Schools Are Better, But Denied Private School Choice To Students
    U.S. President Barack Obama (L) with first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia (L front) and Sasha, walk out with Rev. Luis Leon after attending Sunday service at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington September 19, 2010. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS RELIGION)

    Obama recently told Today that his daughters are getting a better education at their private school than DC-area public schools could provide. When asked about the new documentary, "Waiting for Superman" about the struggle to improve urban public schools Obama said in the interview that it was "heartbreaking" that some parents had to wait for a "lottery" to get their students into better schools.

    So Obama's solution for the "heartbreak" of some parents not winning the "lottery" to get their kids out of failing public schools is to eliminate the "lottery" altogether? Thus making everyone equal in that they're equally mired in a crappy public school system?

    That speaks volumes about Obama's political philosophy: Promote equality by dragging everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

    Obama clearly recognizes that private schools out perform public schools. So why not school vouchers allowing parents all over the country to choose whatever school they want? I know teachers would hate it, but shouldn't parents get to opt-out of bad schools to send their kids to better schools?

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Government Pay Growth Outpaces Private Pay Growth

    @briefingroom, 9/27/10 11:20 AM

    Briefing Room (@briefingroom)
    9/27/10 11:20 AM
    Endangered Dem plays up ties to Bush

    @philipaklein, 9/27/10 11:19 AM

    Philip Klein (@philipaklein)
    9/27/10 11:19 AM
    Despite claims that O-Care would become popular once passed, WV Dem flips to support partial repeal

    @kentrod, 9/27/10 11:09 AM

    kentrod (@kentrod)
    9/27/10 11:09 AM
    White House rat-in-chief David Axelrod jumps ship, avoids blame for 'extremely unpopular health care bill'. #tcot #p2

    @willcain, 9/27/10 9:39 AM

    Will Cain (@willcain)
    9/27/10 9:39 AM
    Sign of absolutely whimsical, authoritarian government that 2 months to go and the economy has no idea what the tax rate will be next year.

    @memeorandumFH, 9/27/10 8:44 AM

    memeorandum Firehose (@memeorandumFH)
    9/27/10 8:44 AM
    Evidence points to left-wing activist as source of Boehner affair rumor (Byron York / Beltway...

    @EdMorrissey, 9/27/10 8:30 AM

    EdMorrissey (@EdMorrissey)
    9/27/10 8:30 AM
    Obama re-elect number at ... 38%? #tcot

    @freddoso, 9/27/10 8:19 AM

    freddoso (@freddoso)
    9/27/10 8:19 AM
    Don't tell Courtland Milloy. RT @ByronYork Obama: Sasha/Malia go to private sch because DC schools don't measure up.

    More on Mean Reversion
    Michael Santoli in this week's Streetwise column:
    The trailing 10-year return for U.S. equities through the first half of this year has been as poor only six previous times since 1835–and the latest decade was worse than any of those others. The subsequent 10-year annualized total return from those earlier low-water marks was 13.3%, notes Bel Air Investment Advisors. Based on the returns the public is now happily accepting from bonds, most folks would probably be ecstatic with half that.
    EconomPic has shown a similar chart as the one below before, which provides details of ten year annualized total return of the S&P 500 on the x-axis and the corresponding ten year returns on the y-axis (note that returns are only through 2000 as that is the last year that ten year forward returns are available).

    As Michael mentioned, when returns were negative over a ten year period, the corresponding ten years were very strong. In fact, no ten year period of returns less than 5% resulted in a negative ten year forward period.

    Source: Google Docs

    @sweetnesslight, 9/27/10 6:21 AM

    Sweetness & Light (@sweetnesslight)
    9/27/10 6:21 AM
    Kerry: Dems Behind Due To Stupid Voters

    @rorycooper, 9/27/10 6:07 AM

    Rory Cooper (@rorycooper)
    9/27/10 6:07 AM
    And finally @JoeNBC, how many Members of Congress (& POTUS as kid/dad) had school choice but deny it to others? #educationnation

    @NROcorner, 9/27/10 6:05 AM

    National Review (@NROcorner)
    9/27/10 6:05 AM
    Look At All Those Segregated Liberal Cities:
    Some fascinating maps of major American cities, highlighting ethnic...

    @c0nservative1, 9/27/10 5:54 AM

    Michael Haynes (@c0nservative1)
    9/27/10 5:54 AM
    Check out these Obama supporters #tcot #teaparty #sgp

    Nancy, We Are Finding Out What Is in It, and It Sucks

    Posted at Disrupt the Narrative

      The Richmond Times Dispatch has outlined some of the crippling aspects of the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A doctors' group in western Henrico County has made a decision it hoped to avoid. The doctors say their social devotion to helping their community's most unfortunate residents has been trumped by dollars and sense. They have decided to stop participating in Medicaid, the health-care program for the needy funded by federal and state governments. Christine Talbot , practice administrator for Richmond Allergy and Asthma Specialists, recently met with the doctors. She told them: "I know philosophically you want to help, but basically, if you don't pull out of Medicaid, you guys are going to be holding the bag, and they're never going …

    Read the rest here:
    Nancy, We Are Finding Out What Is In It, and It Sucks

    Article written by: Martin M. McMartin

    @WSJEconomy, 9/27/10 4:26 AM

    WSJ Economy News (@WSJEconomy)
    9/27/10 4:26 AM
    Why Sovereign Default Remains on Table

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    @mikepfs, 9/24/10 12:06 AM

    mikepfs (@mikepfs)
    9/24/10 12:06 AM
    Liberty Pundits - ABC does some research – 6 Months In: There are 0 democrats touting their once-prized health care ov

    @Drudge_Report, 9/26/10 6:50 PM

    Drudge Report (@Drudge_Report)
    9/26/10 6:50 PM
    PAPER: Ahmadinejad met with Farrakhan, New Black Panters in NYC...

    @WSJopinion, 9/26/10 5:06 PM

    Opinion Journal (@WSJopinion)
    9/26/10 5:06 PM
    The Democratic Tax Retreat: The economic policies of the last four years are being repudiated.

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    @jimmiebjr, 9/24/10 9:50 AM

    Jimmie (@jimmiebjr)
    9/24/10 9:50 AM
    CNN re-arranging the deck chairs for ratings. Maybe if they concentrated on news and not sucking up to the left-wing, they'd do better.

    @Heritage, 9/23/10 2:10 PM

    Heritage Foundation (@Heritage)
    9/23/10 2:10 PM
    Carter? Obama? Here comes that 70's feeling again! (Obama's worldview seems to be contagious.)

    Government Efficiency: Chrysler Workers Filmed Smoking Pot, Pounding Booze at the Very Plant Obama Visited to Boast of Bailout 'Success'

    Government Efficiency: Chrysler Workers Filmed Smoking Pot, Pounding Booze at the Very Plant Obama Visited to Boast of Bailout 'Success': "I wonder if they're drinking High Life?

    What were those old Soviet autos called? The Volga? That's what our tax dollars are subsidizing, I guess.

    Check out the unionized, taxpayer-funded workers in Detroit's Jefferson North plant.

    Fox 2's Rob Wolchek got a tip about what some guys are doing at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. This is the same plant that President Barack Obama visited back in July and talked about the significance of manufacturing in America.

    The same place where the President remarked on the tax-payer generated government loan saying 'I believed that if each of us were willing to work and sacrifice in the short term -- workers, management, creditors, shareholders, retirees, communities -- it could mark a new beginning for a great American industry. And if we could summon that sense of teamwork and common purpose, we could once again see the best cars in the world designed, engineered, forged, and built right here in Detroit, right here in the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.'

    [The UAW's response?] 'The UAW strongly opposes the use of controlled substances or alcohol use on the job. This type of behavior jeopardizes the health and safety of all employees. We also recognize that, unfortunately, these behaviors exist in our society... The UAW and the Chrysler Corporation work together to keep our workplaces drug and alcohol free, and to encourage employees with substance abuse problems to get the treatment they need. The employees involved in this situation do not represent the vast majority of workers at Chrysler who do a great job making high quality vehicles in some of the most productive manufacturing facilities in the United States.'

    Actually, I view these developments as helpful.

    Because this is the Obama administration in a nutshell. Waste, fraud and outright criminality, all under the umbrella of the Democrat Party and the union bosses that are helping to destroy America.

    Don't get mad. Get even. Remember in November.

    Hat tip: Tiger.