Saturday, February 27, 2016

3 Cheap Tech Gadgets That Transform Your Home In To A Theatre For Just $150

3 Cheap Tech Gadgets That Transform Your Home In To A Theatre For Just $150

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Only in 2016: Take Netflix and chill to the next level with these cool cheap gadgets. Via Twitter: @jens_allen Everyone loves going to the theatre, but it's expensive. What if you could stay home and watch your favorite movies (snuggled under your bedcovers) but still keep that huge screen theatre experience? Well, luckily for you it's 2016 and now you can! Discover how these 3 weird tech gadgets can transform your pad in to a budget home theatre for just $150! 1. 130" Wi-Fi Portable Projector - ($99) Via Gone are the days when having a high-definition projector was only for the rich and famous. Now you can get a portable Wi-Fi projector that projects up to 130 inches for just $99. Link it up with your iPhone, Laptop or even Netflix and stream straight on to your wall! Find it here. 2. MagicBox Wireless Speaker ($23) Via This cool little bluetooth speaker hooks up wirelessly with whatever you're playing your movie from, so the projector and speaker all plays seamlessly. The sound is great and really takes your home theatre to the next level. Imagine watching a horror film with complete surround sound in the comfort of your home...pretty neat for $23. Find it here. 3. DIY Projector Screen ($39) Via While you could project straight to a wall, a screen allows you to take your setup to the next level. Not essential by any means but certainly a nice addition if you don't have a huge empty wall somewhere around your place, or like entertaining guests outside with a big open space! Find it here.
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